“On a dusty road in Cambodia” – First-hand experiences from our own intrepid fundraising cyclist

Kathy has recently returned from cycling in Cambodia to raise money for Project Futures – End Human Trafficking and I know that I speak for the whole team when I say that we are all incredibly proud of her. In a brief interview, Kathy shares with me her experiences from this amazing trip and the thought provoking impact that it has had on her personally.

Welcome back Kathy! We would love to know what Cambodia was like? Was it what you expected it to be?

Perth laser Vision Somaly MamThe bike trek was a lot more dusty and dirty than I expected. I was picturing green rice paddies, but we were often riding along dirt roads full of pot holes. I also wasn’t expecting to share the road with cows!

What was the most the difficult thing about this experience?

I was not prepared for the level of poverty that I saw. It was also very hard to say goodbye to the girls who had been rescued from human trafficking. 

What, for you, was the highlight of the trip?

 ThProject Futures Perth laser Visione highlight was visiting Somaly Mam’s centre for rescued young girls. It was incredibly moving to hear their stories and to see their hope for a brighter future. 

What did you get out of this experience that will stay with you permanently?

I gained true appreciation of the life that we have in Australia. We are truly blessed.  I will also never forget the children calling out “hello” to us as we road past and the little boys running next to the team giving high fives to the riders.

The children in Cambodia were just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with me! I hope it inspires many more people to do something incredible to make a change.

Project Futures Perth laser Vision

Kathy has raised over $6000 so far for this great cause! To help Kathy reach her $7000 goal click on this link: http://cycle.gofundraise.com.au/page/KathyMcGeorge

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