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Some types of laser refractive eye surgery are covered by Medicare but most are not. Excimer laser for corneal scarring and corneal cross-linking for keratoconus is partly covered by Medicare. Lens surgery is covered by most TOP hospital cover when also covered under Medicare (usually for cataracts).

Can I Claim LASIK Laser Eye Surgery on My Private Health Insurance?

The cost of laser eye surgery is a significant amount for the average household budget. As such, many people who visit Perth Laser Vision enquire whether part of the cost can be covered by their private health insurance.

Which health funds cover laser refractive eye surgery?

The good news is that several health funds are now covering part of laser eye surgery costs.  This varies with each fund but makes the benefits of this procedure more accessible to patients who wish to stop being reliant on glasses or contact lenses.



For those who hold the premium hospital and extras cover called BUPA Ultimate, BUPA will cover 100% of your LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery cost by Dr McGeorge at Perth Laser Vision.

Bupa (Ultimate GOLD health cover)

Now has a 3 year waiting period for new members, giving 100% cover for LASIK / PRK including any additional laser enhancements related to original surgery are also covered within 12 months..

Many of our patients have had this policy benefit. Dr McGeorge is a registered BUPA provider and accepts this payment as full cover.

BUPA also covers multifocal lens replacement surgery for cataracts and other eye  surgery, if needed.  Conditions apply.



HBF Ultimate cover is no longer available from 1 January 2019 and it does NOT cover laser eye surgery procedures.

HBF covers multifocal lens replacement surgery for cataracts. Dr McGeorge provides all specialized lens surgery procedures.

Lens procedures for cataracts are covered by HBF Gold and Silver Plus packages, Working Visa Hospital Cover and Working Visa Hospital and Medical Cover.

Medibank Private:


Medibank Ultra GOLD Health Cover will pay $3,500 (lifetime limit) towards laser eye surgery which uses laser to correct refractive vision problems by reshaping the cornea (front of the eye) in order to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. It requires a 36 month waiting period ( 3 years) for cover.

This can include LASIK, LASEK and PRK treatment. Benefits are only payable where no Medicare rebate is payable. There is a 3 year waiting period and it is a lifetime limit.  SMILE laser is not covered.

GOLD and SILVER Plus Health cover will provide for multifocal lens replacement surgery for cataracts only.  There is a twelve month waiting period.



Australian Health Management offers a contribution to costs for members who hold their Lifestyle Extra Cover ($600 per eye per person) or Super Extras cover ($900 per eye per person).

This cover has a 2 year waiting period and a lifetime limit.

Defence Health:


Defence Health (Premier Extras)

After a 12 month waiting period, up to $1,500 per person for LASIK/ PRK / SMILE every two financial years.

Surgery needs to be performed in a recognised day surgery centre


Navy Health (Premium Extras Cover & Healthy Living Extras)

12 month waiting period

$1,500 every 2 years for Premium Extras and $1,200 every 2 years for Health Living Extras.



Disclaimer: This health fund information is correct at the time of writing. It would be wise to contact your fund personally to check your cover.

Perth Laser Vision also provides finance for laser eye surgery which would be useful if your health fund does not provide cover. For more information please call us on 9218 7666.

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