SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

Fix Myopia With SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

SMILE Laser is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, also referred to as “keyhole laser eye surgery.” It’s a treatment approved for moderate to high levels of short-sightedness (myopia).

SMILE eye surgery utilises a femtosecond laser. The laser cuts a double layer of corneal tissue beneath the eyes surface. A small section of tissue, called a lenticule, is then manually removed. This is done with a surgical instrument, through the surface cut made with the femtosecond laser.

What Is a Femtosecond Laser?

A Femtosecond laser is a pulsing infrared laser with a wavelength of 1040nm. A femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second which is the speed at which the laser pulses.
The technology that drives femtosecond lasers has come a long way in the last two decades. The ultrashort laser pulse duration reduces the amount of energy required and limits adjacent tissue damage. This makes femtosecond lasers safe for use in corneal surgeries which require the utmost precision.

What Are the Advantages of SMILE Eye Surgery?

  • Dr Phillip McGeorge is Perth’s most experienced refractive surgeon
  • Dr McGeorge has performed over 35,000 laser procedures.
  • Modern, top-performing femtosecond lasers are used.
  • Surgeries performed on an ergonomic, motorised operating table.
  • Only 25 seconds of a painless laser.
  • The procedure takes around 5-10 minutes per eye.
  • There is no burning of corneal tissue like in PKR treatments.
  • The risk of photo disruption and damage to tissues is minimal.
  • Suction is used to hold the eye perfectly still with very little discomfort.
  • There is no flap created like there is with LASIK.
  • The femtosecond laser won’t penetrate corneal nerves.
  • Retreatment rates for SMILE are only around 8%.
  • Superficial nerve regrowth occurs within days of treatment.
  • Recovery time is usually no longer than a week.

When Should You Get SMILE Eye Surgery?

Anyone with a high degree of short-sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism is a suitable candidate for SMILE eye surgery. It can also be suitable for patients who don’t meet the criteria for LASIK surgery.

One of the main benefits of the procedure is that it has less impact on the corneal nerves. This also makes it a preferable option for those suffering from dry eyes. And because the cornea heals fast after SMILE eye surgery in comparison to the flap created for LASIK, it’s ideal for people who want to return to contact sports as soon as possible. Recovery is fast, with minimal reported post-surgery complications such as infections, dry eyes or epithelial ingrowth.

SMILE Eye Surgery is the only form of laser eye surgery that is flapless. It is a revolutionary procedure offered by our very own Dr Philip McGeorge, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon. The SMILE procedure is available at Perth Laser Vision for suitable candidates. Call us today for more information or come in for a consultation.

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