The Ideal Patient

In general, the ideal patient for refractive surgery is over 20 years of age and has had no significant change in their spectacle prescription for at least 2 years. People with eye disease, certain medical conditions or women who are pregnant may not be suitable for surgery.

Realistic Expectations

Refractive surgery improves unaided vision for suitable candidates. Whilst perfect vision cannot be guaranteed, we believe that you will have a substantial and positive impact on your quality of life by allowing more freedom through better natural vision.

To make your own personal decision whether refractive surgery is for you, please consider the following points. If most of these statements are true for you, you would probably be a candidate who is well suited:

  • I want to be independent of glasses or contact lenses as much as possible.
  • I want to improve my lifestyle and participate more in sports
  • I can handle change fairly well
  • My career opportunities would be greater with natural vision
  • If my natural vision was improved, but I still had to wear corrective lenses part of the time, such as for reading, I would still be happy.

The final decision regarding your suitability as to whether LASIK or another form of refractive surgery is appropriate to your needs will be given after extensive examination by qualified staff at our Laser Centre.

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