LASIK Results

Myopia or Short-Sightedness

Myopia treatment requires a flattening of the curvature of the cornea to reduce the magnification power of the eye.

Myopia up to -10D can be treated with the Excimer Laser. Results will vary according to the severity of the refractive error and the amount of laser treatment that will be required. The higher the refractive error the thicker the cornea needs to be for successful treatment.

Most individuals have myopia less than -7D. Results obtained at Perth Laser Vision indicate that up to 96% of this group can achieve 20/20 vision following LASIK.

For those with high levels of astigmatism (up to -6D) and myopia, nine out of ten can also expect to achieve 20/20 vision with a single treatment.

Additional treatment can be undertaken when necessary, to gain further improvement in vision. Less than 2% undergo such treatment.

Individuals with extreme levels of myopia can be treated with LASIK or a combination of refractive surgical procedures including lens implants and LASIK.

“Up to 96% can achieve 20/20 vision unaided following LASIK using the Excimer laser”

Regression after LASIK is uncommon and usually less than 10% of the initial treatment will regress. This is usually taken into account by the laser calculations.

Complications associated with LASIK refractive surgery are rare.

  • The risk of infection is estimated to be 1 in 10,000.
  • Surgical complications are also rare and occur in only 1 in 1,000 treated at Perth Laser Vision.
  • If complications do occur the treatment can usually be completed on another day.
  • Post operative healing complications such as epithelial ingrowth are seen in only 1 in 1,000 treatments.
  • Reading difficulties of middle age still occur, with clear distance vision the main benefit of myopic LASIK.
  • Younger patients, under 45, will gain both clear distance and reading vision.

Hyperopia or Long-Sightedness

Hyperopia treatment requires a steepening of the curvature of the cornea to increase the magnification power of the eye.

  • Results for low and moderate hyperopia are similar to those with myopia with up to 94% achieving 20/20 vision.
  • Hyperopia greater than +4.5D requires a larger amount of laser treatment but 91% still achieve unaided vision of 20/30. These results are unaffected by different levels of astigmatism.

Both reading vision and distance vision is improved by Hyperopic LASIK. However, older individuals may still find a need for reading spectacles. This requirement varies from one individual to another.

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