Perth Laser Vision at the Bridal Expo

Perth Laser Vision proudly displayed at the Bridal Expo on 8th and 9th June 2013 at the Convention Centre Crown Casino Perth.  The weekend was a great success with enquiries from many brides excited about their big day and wanting to look most beautiful and confident with not having to worry about putting in contact lenses, smearing their makeup and the discomfort of wearing contact lenses all day. 

Mothers and fathers of the brides and grooms were interested about Premium Lens Implants, KAMRA™ Inlay for presbyopia and the new LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery.  The grooms were excited about doing watersports, swimming and diving on their honeymoon and the added benefits of LASIK eye surgery in their daily lives.

The theme for the weekend was – Say “I DO” without wearing glasses or contacts. We also ran a competition to give away a Bottle of Moët Chandon with entrants to answer the simple question “Who is the LASIK Eye Surgeon at Perth Laser Vision?”…  If you did not know – it’s our very own Dr Phil!  A big congratulations to the winner of the competition – Jamie Moore.

Pictured below is Kathy who enjoyed the weekend; especially because her daughter Heather is getting married in October this year, excitement was in the air!!


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