LenSx® Cataract Laser Eye Surgery Perth

No matter what you value most in life, chances are you are highly dependent on your sight. If your vision is reduced by advancing age or clouded by cataracts, you may be losing the ability to enjoy the very things that make life worth living. Fortunately, LenSx® cataract laser eye surgery can help you to regain your vision and your quality of life.

Using the Latest Laser technology, patients now have the option of choosing a bladeless, computer controlled LenSx® laser eye surgery to perform the first 3 critical steps of cataract surgery.

The LenSx® Laser creates precise incisions in the eye, creates a perfectly sized opening in the front of the Lens and cuts the cataract into small pieces, all with a high precision image guided femtosecond Laser. This prepares the eye successfully for the subsequent lens removal steps and IOL insertion. It can also construct precise incisions in the cornea to help reduce astigmatism.

The LenSx® Laser is an advanced precision based technology that uses a computer controlled and image-guided high-frequency femtosecond Laser to perform the early stages of the cataract procedure, cutting the tissues with computer controlled precision. Femtosecond Laser technology (where making the incision takes the tiniest fraction of a second) has already been well proven over the last 10 years in Refractive laser eye surgery (LASIK). The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is based on this technology.

What are the advantages of LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery?

  • A bladeless procedure.
  • More precise incisions. It is felt this will create more reproducible results with regard to astigmatism allowing better visual results. The incision is more robust and safer.
  • A perfectly shaped and centred lens opening leading to more accurate IOL positioning and better visual results.
  • A gentler procedure due to less manipulation within the eye. Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery has the potential to reduce the energy, fluid and time used during Cataract Surgery ensuring a faster, kinder and gentler approach leading to quicker visual recovery and less potential damage to the delicate structures inside the eye.

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