Contoura® Vision – Customised for you

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Contura Eye MapTopography of your eye. Unique as your fingerprint.

Contoura Vision is the only treatment to precisely map 22,000 elevation points of the cornea to create a customised treatment unique to your vision correction. Irregular elevation points on the eye can disrupt the light entering your eye and prevent you from achieving optimal vision. These maps allow Contoura Vision to create a customised vision correction treatment unique to your eye.


Open Your Eyes to a world without lenses.

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Contoura Vision treatment is proven to reduce and even eliminate the need for corrective eyewear. Following your customised Contoura Vision treatment not only will you be able to open your eyes each day to a world unrestricted by lenses.

  • More than 98% of patients are very satisfied with their Contoura Vision treatment*
  • 93% people treated with Contoura Vision achieve 20/20 vision or better*


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*Reference: Results from FDA T-CAT-001 clinical study for topography-guided vision correction (with the 400 Hz ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Excimer Laser).